My Approach

I work with clients to identify strategies for action in achieving identified goals. I do this by focusing on the client and her/his situation all my:

  • Attention
  • Curiosity
  • Creativity and
  • Intuition

And by utilizing my:

  • Years of coaching experience
  • Certified coaching training, and all my
  • Other nonprofit work and life experiences

I specialize in cultural- and assets-based coaching for diverse nonprofit leaders, activists and others. I prioritize clients’ values, culture and history so clients may gain new insights into their strengths and talents.

Together the client and I design a coaching partnership where s/he can discuss any concern, challenge or issue, large or small, from her/his professional or personal life.

I see the client as the expert on their life and circumstances. I work with clients in partnership to achieve the client’s agenda.

In this safe and confidential partnership, the client can prioritize pausing and reflecting on possibilities for themselves and, therefore, those they care for and the work and community/ies to which they are committed. My client and I identify ways s/he can:

  • Achieve key life goals (professional and personal)
  • Improve professional skills
  • Enhance confidence
  • Reduce isolation and other barriers
  • Increase effectiveness at balancing professional and personal priorities
  • Evaluate and learn from challenges
  • Utilize key lessons to approach goals and challenges with new strategies and perspectives

The coaching relationship includes 2-4 scheduled hours a month and voice mail/e-mail support between coaching sessions.

Most coaching sessions occur via the phone.

My clients — even those locally — have found coaching via the phone can be more effective than in-person coaching for a variety of reasons. It can be:

  • Easier not to be distracted by our physical actions or surroundings
  • More efficient with the session beginning right away without extended social graces we might feel the need to practice in-person
  • Less inhibiting, and therefore easier to create trust and safety
  • Simpler to schedule sessions without commuting

I will schedule coaching sessions in-person if requested and as possible.

I welcome your questions via the phone or by . I also can schedule a free coaching session so you may discuss coaching and my approach and “sample” my coaching style.

today. or call me at 510.594.7660.